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    DIY Charlotte Olympia Inspired Kitty Flats Tutorial from Clones N Clowns here. The DIY pair isn’t stitched and doesn’t come with an “adhesive Polaroid picture which can be placed on the outside of your shoe box to archive your Charlotte Olympia collection” (which BTW is a really good idea), but the DIY also doesn’t cost $689. Top Photo: $689 Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats here, Bottom Photo: DIY by Clones N Clowns. For more cat DIYs including tees, cat beds and cat jewelry go here.

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    Cute Net-Tied Tank
    This is a good way to style up a boring tank top. It will be a little tighter around the ribs, so make sure to use a tank top that is a little loose.


    reblogging because of summer!

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    Party Idea:Banana Chocolate Treats

    This is a good idea for a party!
    You need:

    • Bananas
    • Chocolate syrup
    • Caramel
    • Crushed oreos
    • sprinkles
    • chocolate chips
    • peanuts,
    • straws/toothpicks/food sticks

    Feel free to add any other toppings you’d like! Place each topping in it’s own little container. Slice the bananas into about one inch sections. Instead of bananas you can use marshmallows, other fruits, or even brownies. Use all of them if you want! 

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    Framed Twig Jewelery Display

    Have too many bracelets/necklaces to organize? Keep them from tangling together! All you need is:

    • a wooden picture frame
    • slim long twigs
    • paper clips
    • super glue or wood glue
    • small blade or knife

    Find about 3-5, depending on how spaced out you want them to be, slender twigs that reach across your frame. Cut them so they either fit to the back of each side of the frame or exactly on the inner edges. Basically in a position where you can glue them. Next step is to glue them on! Who would have guessed? Hold on the twigs for about 20-30 seconds to make sure the glue sticks. Make sure they are spaced out how you want them!
    Next unbend about 20 paperclips so they make “S” shapes. Bend the long part around a twig so it hooks on. Do so for the rest of the paperclips. The bottom of the “S” should be sticking out for the jewelry to hang on. You can double up on paperclips for extra support.
    Hang the frame and you’re done!

    For an extra twist, paint vertical colored stripes on the twigs!

    Made one? Show us how it looks!

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    Balloon Picture/Notes Surprise

    Someone special’s birthday or anniversary? Surprise them by sneaking into their room/place and filling up balloons with helium. Add a long string and tape on pictures of you two, notes, cards, or other cute items. Try to keep the items paper or light weight so it won’t pull the balloons all the way down to the ground.

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    Wire Birthday Crown
    I love this idea because whenever a friend of mine has a birthday, I always want them to wear some sort of crown or party hat. This is a simple crown that is good for both guys and girls.

    It’s pretty simple to make too. All you need is thick jewelry wire in any color or multiple colors.
    Measure around your head or the birthday person’s head.
    Make it about half an inch to an inch bigger than the head size.
    Cut the end off with pliers (be safe and watch your eyes).
    Twist the ends together to “tie” the base of the crown.
    Cut about twelve 2-3 inch sections of wire. If you want the “points” of the crown to be taller or wider, just make longer sections of wire and less of them.
    Twist the ends to the base of the crown to “tie” them on all around the crown.
    Make sure they are tight enough so they won’t fall over. Switch out colors if you want.

    Tip: add jewels, flowers, or anything else to make it a little more fun!

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    Happy Thanksgiving!
    DIY Letters on Beer Bottles with Gold Spray Paint

    Really good idea to use year-round with different words

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    Quick Tip:

    Use pringles cans to give away cookies or other presents!

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    Pringle Organizer
    Use Pringle Cans to make organization stations! Wrap the cans with wallpaper, patterned tape, or decals! Glue the cans together in a cool pattern or glue magnets onto four sides to be able to move them around as you wish. Velcro works too!